Monday, April 18, 2011

A TROPICAL ESCAPE By David Lincoln Brooks, Guest Writer

Welcome David!  And thank you for sharing your thoughts with our readers.

Here is what David has to say about our EnVoyage  NECTARS DES ÎLES and VENTS ARDENTS... 

Shelley Waddington of EnVoyage Perfumes has released the fifth and sixth perfume in her EnVoyage Odyssey Collection: NECTARS DES ÎLES and VENTS ARDENTS. In a novel fashion, Waddington has conceived of these two fragrances as "partners" in a his-and-hers fashion.

Composed by noted Purto Rican perfumer, Juan Manuel Perez, NECTARS DES ÎLES is a    feminine fragrance, and VENTS ARDENTS, by Waddington is its masculine concomitant. The two scents are marvelous and full enough on their own, but when layered together, they form a magical third scent which is more than the sum of their parts. With this symbolism, they are perfectly suited for weddings and vow renewals, where it is implied that the union of the bride and groom will become more than the sum of their parts.

The theme of these two fragrances is one of foreign, overseas discoveries... islands, sea-waves, sunshine, trade winds, tropical fruits, exotic woods and liquors, rare fragrant flowers. But each fragrance approaches the island theme in a different fashion:

NECTARS DES ÎLES, the feminine potion, opens with brilliant, green, tart, juicy citrus notes, laced with the waxen, chilly, pure brightness of Chinese Osmanthus... this sparkling tang, as it settles, reveals an enchanted bouquet of rare and costly tropical flowers: gardenia, tiare, plumeria, frangipani, supported by the somewhat duskier ylang-ylang, and fresh blooming jasmine. Undergirded by the most subtle base of sandalwood from Vanuatu, Tahitian vanilla and fresh, transparent musks, NECTARS DES ÎLES is a fresh, sparkling, intoxicating love potion knowing no equal.

The official pyramid:

A Modern White Floral

Top Notes: Wild Oranges, Mandarin, Green Citron, Osmanthus Nectar
Heart Notes: Fresh Gardenia and Tiare petal accord, Absolutes of two frangipani species, Ylang Ylang and Jasmine auriculatum.
Base Notes: Sandalwood Absolute from Vanuatu, Tahitian Vanilla, Amber and Fine White Musks

The masculine partner of NECTARS DES ÎLES is the exotic,   delicious and mysterious VENTS ARDENTS.   

Its name suggests the burning winds blowing cargo-laden ships to their exotic journeys. A subtle and discreet perfume, VENTS ARDENTS is a rich blend of sea-blown delicacies... scrumptious notes of curacao and rum soak compote of tropical fruits... (Do we detect notes of sweet mango, granadilla and juicy melon?). This delectation is supported by warm, subtle florals suitable for a swashbucklingly masculine perfume: magnolia, heliotrope, and the "bulbiness" of French narcissus. Anchoring this delirium of seductive delights are masculine notes of tonka, amber, rich woods, vanilla and balsams, recalling and strengthening the kiss of toothsome fruits introduced earlier.

The official pyramid:

A Rustic Amber

Top Notes: Curacao, Wild Oranges, Bay Rum, a touch of Tropical Fruits
Heart Notes: Venezuelan Tonka Beans, Heliotrope, Magnolia, French Narcissus
Base Notes: Amber, Mahogany, Tobacco, Oak, Driftwood, Musky Vanilla, Balsams

NECTARS DES ÎLES is a most exuberantly feminine perfume, bearing the most costly extracts of rare petals, but there will some intrepid men out there who will undoubtedly find it an irresistible wear for themselves, especially in summer vacation months. VENTS ARDENTS is decidedly Unisex in mood, and many women and men will be quick to claim it as a favorite. In my own case, I have been much in the mood for a fruity which can be masculine; VENTS ARDENTS is my new favorite non-citrus focused fruity, and it will likely be my new summer favorite.

For a time,   EnVoyage  will be releasing a limited number of these exquisite tropical elixirs in exclusive "message in a bottle" flacons of delicate glass.   This limited release will be available on selected perfume blogs as complimentary gifts.   Keep an eye out for these collector’s items.

The engaged couples you know, planning their nuptials, simply could not receive a more appropriate, loving, tasteful, utterly one-of-a-kind gift...    Worn on their special day,   the fragrances will become inextricably part of the heady memories of the day, never to be forgotten.   Brides who especially love fragrance may insist that every bridesmaid and flower girl in her procession wear NECTARS;     and magical it will be if groom,   groomsmen and ringboy are spritzed with VENTS!

Please visit ENVOYAGE PERFUMES online for more information regarding this sensational, spirit-lifting duo.

Thank you again, David, for taking the time to evaluate our newest release. We wish you fair winds and following seas!

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  1. A wonderful review, David, that expresses beautifully the unique creativity and artistic blending that went into formulating these exquisite fragrances.

  2. David, having just tried these I agree completely, they are both marvelous, and perfect for both summer and romance!

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  4. i like NECTARS DES ÎLES perfume and i like your way of writing the post

  5. Thank you all for your comments. We (Juan and I) am thrilled that David wrote such a lovely review and that our fragrances are being so well received.

  6. Thank you so much Shelley for this wonderful post! I appreciate your smart writing! :)

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