Tuesday, January 6, 2015

2014, A Good Look


For Our Valued En Voyage Friends
Some fun memories of 2014 that we hope you’ll enjoy and remember…
Plus new reveals for 2015!



Our 2014 New Releases

·         Souvenir de Chocolat Collection – Café Cacao, Indigo Vanilla, and Captured in Amber, 3/11

·         Fiore di Bellagio, September 11  

·         New York Man, December 1  
2014 Awards!

·         Best Indie Perfume House of the Year Award, by CaFleureBon Magazine  

·         Top Artisan Perfumer Award, by San Francisco Artisan Perfume Salon

·         Best in Salon Award:  Souvenir di Chocolat Collection, by San Francisco Artisan Perfume Salon
·         People’s Choice for Best Aroma:  Café Cacao parfum extrait, by San Francisco Artisan Perfume Salon

·         Most Seductive Scent: ZELDA, by San Francisco Artisan Perfume Salon
·         Best Artisan Perfume of the Year:  Fiore di Bellagio EDP,  by The 6th Annual Taste Awards
·         Official Fragrance Partner of TasteTV Award for 3rd consecutive year

2014 Shows & Events

March:  San Francisco Artisan Fragrance Salon
April:  First Carmel-by-the-Sea Artisan Fragrance Salon
May:  Tigerlily Perfumery Launch Party for Souvenir de Chocolat Collection
June:  Sixth Annual Juried Taste Awards
October:  Speakeasy Party celebrating Fiore di Bellagio Launch at Tigerlily Perfumery

Dear Lanier, Hillary, Mary, Antonia & Beesh! 
Our Darling Tama at Tigerlily!

Exciting 2014 New Stockists!

·         Tigerlily Perfumery, San Francisco CA

·         Indigo Perfumery, Cleveland, OH


2014 Press

We are so grateful to these special blog and magazine writers for their considerate appreciation and generosity.  Their words, thoughts, and reviews have spread the word of our fragrances into over 100 countries!

Thank you to the following publications for your fragrance reviews!

Huffington Post,  Fragrantica, CaFleureBon, Australian Perfume Junkies, Candy Perfume Boy, Blacknall Allen, Perfume Smellin’ Things, Indie Perfumes, Olfactoria’s Travels, Scents and Memory, The Sounds of Scent, Colognoisseur, Scents Memory, Ciao Como, Brooklyn Fragrance Lover, Parfumo Deutchland, Bonkers About Perfume, Mais Que, GoodSmellas, and Smelly Thoughts.


Thank You, We Owe So Much to YOU!

Thank you to our valued clients, Facebook perfume group owners, stockists, designers, photographers, webmaster, staff, students, colleagues, family, and friends. 
We are beyond grateful to each of you.


The En Voyage Vision for 2015
New things are scheduled, expect 2015 to look a little different!  

A new fragrance launch is scheduled for July, 2015.   Expect the best yet, you won't be disappointed.
We're exploring new ways to stay in touch with our World-Wide Community, so be on the lookout for surprise communiqués from unexpected places!   

We’ve planned a sabbatical later this year, and look forward to being literally en voyage once again. 

Remember, every journey is a scent, and every scent is a journey!

Wishing you the very best in 2015!
Shelley Waddington
Perfumer & Founder, En Voyage Perfumes