Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A Personal Invitation

As you’ve probably noticed, this blog is non-commercial, non-promotional, is not monetized in any way.

Certain things in the world affect my art and inspiration - I write about them to provide value to you, my readers, who now number nearly 500 perfumers, artisans, and fragrance lovers.

Today I am making an exception, because I’ve found a way to bestow a small gift.  Last week I wrote the following content for the blog Perfume Pharmer, and donated one of my perfumes for their drawing that will take place on Valentine’s Day.  Please follow the link, enjoy the article,  and  leave a message on the Perfume Pharmer.  That will enter you into the draw. 

Again, please follow the link, enjoy the article, and leave a message at the bottom to be entered into the draw.
Bonne chance!