Friday, September 3, 2010

What’s Past is Prologue…

Oracles are notorious for all those obfuscated and confusing prophetic messages they've issued over the centuries.

But a recent message from my own metaphorical “oracle” is as clear as glass and startlingly contemporary.   “Step your game up,” she says.

But Oracle, dear, I’m in Carmel, one of the most beautiful places in the world. And besides, it’s comfortable here.

Silence. Old talky-talky is ignoring me. Sigh...

Not heeding the advice of the oracle never works out well for me, even when her advice is annoying - in this case, irritating. So off I begrudginly go to gird my loins and start stepping up my game.

She decides to talk to me again. I can’t honestly say I’m happy to hear from her. “Follow your path, ” she says this time.
Nominally more willing than I was last time, I again follow her advice.
At least the path is fragrant.

This fragrant path leads to an unexpected destination.
It’s culmination brings an expanded business model, a new website, and a new fragrance collection – all to be revealed this month.

Lots of opening festivities, soon to come.
For now, a small peek…