Wednesday, January 13, 2010

At the Bench

Approaching the bench today, I am ready to pull down the bottles I’ve chosen and begin to dip test strips for a first evaluation.

This new perfume features some recently acquired naturals – French Hydrocarbonresine (a cistus fraction), organic Vanilla and Ylang VOP from Madagascar - gorgeous materials to exalt and to set off like the precious jewels they are.

So begins the bench phase of the third and final perfume of my new trilogy. (One is masculine, one is unisex, and this last one is decidedly feminine. They are all connected thematically, the story will soon be released!)

Concept, perfume family, and notes, the constructs that I pondered for days, were followed by a mental review of raw materials and a penciled outline.  Today is a most lucky day - my imagined fragrance is readily translating into physical reality.

P.S. The drawing for a bespoke natural perfume of intention remains open until January 31. You still have a great chance of winning! 
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No obligation to purchase. Winner will be announced on this blog.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Blue Moon. Blue Perfume. Blue Oils.

Blue perfume. Made from blue oils.

To honor the blue moon that occurred on the last day of the twelfth month of 2009, I am creating a blue perfume, designed to manifest benevolent intentions until the next blue moon in August, 2012.
(The second full moon in a given month is called the blue moon, and the name really has nothing to do with color. Regardless, one or more natural blue oils will be used in the perfume.)

WIN a complimentary personalized Blue Moon Oil to support your own intentions for the New Year and beyond.

ENTER NOW!   Just send your full name and email address to Entries accepted until midnight, January 31, 2010.   The winner of this drawing will be announced in February, 2010