Saturday, September 12, 2009

Perfuming the Edge of the World, Conclusion (Update)

This article concludes a series of perfume exercises intended to develop an earthy, organic, green, outdoor forest woodland fragrance from natural materials, constructed around an accord of pine, redwood, and cypress, supported and deepened with fragrances of loamy soil, leather, mushroom and tree moss, as well as accessorized by notes of smoke, hot seashells, and rain on earth.

This composition is intended to be an organoleptic representation of Rumsen Carmel Ohlone ethnobotanicals, interwoven with environmental fragrances that would have been present and noticeable during their annual encampment at their Point Lobos summer village.

Top Notes:
Laurel Leaf, Violet Leaf, Black Currant Bud, Fern, Carrot and Celery Seed, Kelp, Boronia, and Cassie

Heart Notes:
Foin Coupe, Sage, Tarragon, Cedar Leaf, Orris Root, Genet, Honey, Birch Bud, Rose, Narcissus, Carnation, and White Ginger Lily

Base Notes:
Fir Balsam, Aged Cedar Wood, Earth, Smoke, White Willow, Cypress, Mosses of Oak and Pine, Pine Needles, Deer Antler, and Sea Shells.

Edge of the World opens with the delicate essence of a coastal oak and pine forest, evoking the movement of ocean breezes, pounding surf on the rocks, while capturing the warm presence of human skin.

The heart notes emerge to reveal the naturalness of fields, moist ferns, herbs, and forest loam, slightly nuanced with woody-flowery, hay and tea-like herbaceous fragrances of native wheat and grasses, interwoven with delicate fresh foliage, nuances of blackberry, elderberry and thimbleberry, spicy red currant, juicy cucumber, and fresh, honey-like hyacinth.

The drydown of this woody aromatic chypre, similar to the approach of evening in the forest, imparts the relaxing, grounding fragrances of delicate woods, ferns, and mosses.

UPDATE: To read this entire article, please return to Part One.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Brief Note to Readers

Am now focused Eastward towards a brilliant new independent perfume star in Istanbul who also hosts a very popular radio show on perfume topics.

Stay tuned.