Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Ode to a Rose: The Magic of L’Emblem Rouge by Guest Writer Marlene Goldsmith

Shelley Waddington is superb at creating complex, radiant perfumes, and L’Emblem Rouge is a rufescent diamond in her jewel box. 

It is a delicate tapestry of scents,  its centerpiece, a rose soliflor, softly emerging from the woods, balsam, and amber fragrances threading through it. 

It immediately sets me dreaming.

I envision medieval women in sumptuous gowns, their long bell sleeves lined with shimmering fabrics trailing the floor. Sitting at looms with long graceful fingers, they weave wall hangings of blue, red, and gold colored roses.

Then, as the scent warms on my skin, I am out in the sun as it filters through a dense green path of woods, alert in the fresh air to the colors and smells around me.

And through it all, the fragrance of L’Emblem Rouge....

How wonderful that when the scent of Shelley’s eau de parfum begins to fade, I can refresh it with the rose hydrosol, L’Eau d’Emblem Rouge by Dabney Rose, Master Distiller.

Her hydrosol can also be used to nurture the face or on your bedsheets and linens.

The magic of L’Emblem Rouge is multifaceted.
Do try this rose-colored diamond.

Many thanks to our guest blogger, Marlene Goldsmith.

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