Monday, September 27, 2010

Houston, We Have Lift Off!

Carmel Perfumery Launches EnVoyage Perfume, International

Company strives to create most trusted source of perfume resources

PRLog (Press Release) – Sep 22, 2010 – CARMEL, CA--Carmel Perfumery, an independent perfume house providing innovative fragrances, has officially launched its EnVoyage Perfumes platform providing hand blended artisanal fragrances and global perfume education to consumers and perfume professionals.

"Our goal is to establish the perfume industry's most trusted source of easily accessible fine perfumes and perfume education," says Shelley Waddington, CEO of parent company Beau Soleil and head perfumer of Carmel Perfumery. “Developed in response to increasing global customer demand, the EnVoyage platform is a unique and distinctive solution – it is an easy to use, robust International platform that allows us the ability to better serve our global clients while expanding our artistic reach and retaining our core values as an artisan perfume house with hand blended fragrance as in the days of old.”

EnVoyage client requests vary considerably, such as designing fragrance for architectural installations, weddings and events, as well as providing International perfume education. The prêt-à-porter collections are hand curated to deliver fragrance profiles of nature, of specific places, and meaningful moments known through literature, legend, archaeology, and visual art. In an innovative paradigm shift only now possible in an era of light speed communication, EnVoyage users will now have immediate access to exceptional perfumes and to reliable, knowledgeable and savvy perfumers.

“We are still a small operation, says Waddington. “We continue to use the finest rare and exotic fragrance materials from all points of the compass and to process our own botanicals from our garden studio. Remaining dedicated and connected to the planet is vital – even our bottles are recyclable. This is a win-win solution that allows us to expand our creative range of focus while retaining the sustainability and the top-tier customer care expectations of an artisan business.”

In commemoration of today’s launch, EnVoyage Perfumes is releasing the new Odyssey Collection, a trilogy of fragrances from exotic places and legends which includes the erotic Makeda, the only perfume to honor the Biblical Queen of Sheba’s true name; the sensual, virile, and playful Havane pour Homme; and Peche Noir, an intimate smoky fruity floral.

Website visitors making a purchase will be registered in a drawing for a special gift, and all customers purchasing one or more of the fragrances will receive an additional complimentary bonus until October 21, 2010.

Visit EnVoyage Perfume at

Beau Soleil LLC provides perfume products, services, and education for the cosmetic industry and, perfumers within flagship Carmel Perfumery®. and EnVoyage™, the global online platform for prêt-à-porter collections and fragrance education.

Friday, September 3, 2010

What’s Past is Prologue…

Oracles are notorious for all those obfuscated and confusing prophetic messages they've issued over the centuries.

But a recent message from my own metaphorical “oracle” is as clear as glass and startlingly contemporary.   “Step your game up,” she says.

But Oracle, dear, I’m in Carmel, one of the most beautiful places in the world. And besides, it’s comfortable here.

Silence. Old talky-talky is ignoring me. Sigh...

Not heeding the advice of the oracle never works out well for me, even when her advice is annoying - in this case, irritating. So off I begrudginly go to gird my loins and start stepping up my game.

She decides to talk to me again. I can’t honestly say I’m happy to hear from her. “Follow your path, ” she says this time.
Nominally more willing than I was last time, I again follow her advice.
At least the path is fragrant.

This fragrant path leads to an unexpected destination.
It’s culmination brings an expanded business model, a new website, and a new fragrance collection – all to be revealed this month.

Lots of opening festivities, soon to come.
For now, a small peek…