Friday, April 20, 2012

Letter to Name Game Participants: Time to Reveal!

The time has arrived to reveal that we have elected the names submitted by Donna Hathaway and John Reasinger to represent our two newest EnVoyage fragrances.

A few weeks ago we issued an open challenge to perfume lovers.   It went like this:  we offered to ship samples of our 2 new perfumes to each volunteer.  In return, they agreed to sample the fragrances and suggest a name for each one.

The response was amazing and humbling in number and in geographic reach:    49 volunteers in 10 countries, including 16 states in the U.S.

The name proposals we received:   Stunningly well thought out, diverse, and terrific matches for the perfumes.    They ranged from sweetly innocent to shockingly naughty.  And comments were such interesting:  “I’ve gained a new appreciation for how hard it must be to name fragrances!” quipped one person.   A few others mentioned having experienced a quick association which led them right into a name.

Our evaluation system:  Perfume names were separated from the names of their authors and distributed to our team who each ranked them according to first impressions.  Over half of the entries remained after the first cut – the names were that good.  After several repeats, we finally arrived at a short-list that we could all agree on. 

Naming conventions involve a little more than being appropriate to the fragrance and “feel” of the perfume.  A name needs to be pleasing to the ear, and to have never been used before.  It must also fit into company concept and branding, and to avoid any possible “negative” connotations across several cultures.

Selecting from the many exceptional entries was a mighty challenge.  In the end, the names submitted by Donna Hathaway and John Reasinger to represent our two newest EnVoyage fragrances were absolutely perfect on every level.  
Tomorrow, Saturday, is our official launch date and the new perfumes will be released at the San Francisco Sniffapalooza.    

The names?  All will be revealed TOMORROW!

With great gratitude to all of you wonderful and IMAGINATIVE Perfumistas for your kindness and gererosity.