Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Peace, Love & Perfume Project

A New Perfume

Peace, Love & Perfume:  An active Facebook community where 700 global perfume lovers congregate 24/7.
Founded:  September, 2011 by Carlos Powell, Brooklyn, New York
Peace, Love & Perfume Project:  In the spirit of a celebration amongst friends, Carlos pitched perfumers to commemorate the Third Anniversary of Peace, Love & Perfume by creating a fragrance or fragrances according to the following creative brief:
Peace - an incense meditative perfume
Love - an animalic sexy perfume
Perfume - a classic cologne with a twist
Carlos’ invite drew in many of the best, a tribute of our respect.
My Interpretation:  I wanted to make one perfume that, incorporating all elements of the brief, would of course give a nod to Carlos and the men of New York, and that would honor each of our individual heartfelt stories; a collective fragrance anthology.
The Scent of a Man in the City and those who love the way they smell.  The Scent of Peace, Love, and Perfume.  
You KNOW it includes scotch and cigars and a little bud.
Coming Soon.